Like anyone who is passionate about what they are doing, I would like to say Broken People is more than just my art, clothing or brand. Broken People is an extension of myself and represents everything that I stand for as a person.

Growing up, I was sick and tired of others having negative connotations and stereotypes attached to emotions and to self-expression. When starting to represent my art and eventually clothes, I received an overwhelming response of why I am supporting and creating such a negative or even depressing image. What I didn't understand was why people automatically assumed I was supporting or creating that message.

Broken to me is real.


And raw.

I never wanted Broken People to be this deep conversation. I just wanted to start a conversation that recognizes it is okay to feel broken sometimes. That it is okay to have a shitty day. And that it is okay to say that you are not okay. I want to erase the stigma associated with the word broken and celebrate the positive meaning of the word. 

Life isn't perfect, and I'm sure as hell not. But I hope that Broken People can be a positive force for some and show that you don't have to fit any mold.

I am broken. // We are broken.